How to Create Content

that Converts in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day


You’re busy. Between trying to grow your business, serve your clients, and actually have a life outside of your business, there is a lot you are responsible for.

And we have a feeling that many times, creating content is the last thing on your to-do list.

Because when you do sit down to create content, instead of taking just a few minutes from start to finish, it’s taking you 40 minutes just to write a caption. And ain’t nobody got time for that!

You know the importance of showing up consistently for your audience, but sometimes you wonder if even posting is worth it if you’re just “posting to post.”

What if creating content didn’t take 40 minutes? What if you always knew what to post and could write a caption in just a few minutes?

We don’t want marketing your business on social media to be a time suck. We want you to generate leads and sales from your content – consistently. Which is why we are breaking down that 3 things we swear by that help us and our Magnify members show up daily in less than 5 minutes a day!


You can either fail to plan or plan to fail. We know that having some sort of plan in place will help us show up consistently — and consistency is KEY when it comes to converting your followers into paying clients.

What are the things you talk about frequently in your business? What do you want to be known for? What is the transformation you provide?

Start listing out some content ideas and then put the in a calendar so you know what to post and when you’re planning on posting it.


How much time do you spend writing captions or creating graphics? We swear by having customizable caption + graphics templates (like we give our Magnify members each + every month), to speed up the content process.

A template can give you a starting point so that you’re not staring at a blank cursor. It gives you 50-80% of your caption or graphic ready to go so all you have to do is fill it in with your specific content and BOOM! You’re done in just 5 minutes!

It takes us less time AND our Magnify caption templates are designed to help bring in leads and sales!


I – Kristen – am a “rules” person. I’m an extremely disciplined person, but it’s because I have to give myself rules and ultimatums.

I’ve learned from the past that if I wait until the afternoon to write my content for the day, my brain is fried OR I just completely forget to do it. Because, let’s be honest, our priority is our clients – NOT our content.

So, I started making it part of my “daily startup” routine. I create + post my content BEFORE I get into any of my priorities for the day. And here’s where the “rules” part comes in…

I can’t make my coffee until after I’ve posted my content. But since it only takes 5 minutes (thanks to having a plan + templates to go off of), I’ve never once missed a morning coffee – AND my followers are seeing me show up for them consistently!

That’s really all it takes – just these 3 simple things to help you create content quickly, show up consistently, and bring in new leads and sales!

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