Want Your Monthly Content Created For You?

Customizable Done-For-You Social Media & Marketing Content in as little as 5 Minutes a Day

Each month you’re getting 30 days of brand-new assets including captions, Canva graphics (reels, carousels, stories), and SEO piece of content, and weekly emails… plus Chat GPT prompts to fill in the blanks so you can post in as little as 5 minutes a day… all intentionally designed to bring in more email subscribers and clients and put you on the path to making a full time income working part time hours. You can finally say goodbye to content creation headaches and skipping weeks and even months of showing up online.


Which of these do you relate to most?


You know the importance of consistently publishing content, but you don’t have the time to show up and you don’t have a social media manager or Director of Marketing to do it for you.

You post on social media on Monday and Tuesday planning to create consistency but then weeks go by before that next post happens.
Writing blog posts, emails, or social media content feels more like staring at a blank cursor hoping that something will come to you.
You have every good intention of posting (and even save or pin inspiring content), but the to-do list is so long that by the end of the day, you’ve forgotten to post and decide to just wait until tomorrow (again).
You’ve been posting consistently for the last 30-60-90 days but with lackluster results – your account is stagnant and you haven’t yet seen new sales from social media.

And if this has been your situation up until now, chances are this is why content marketing hasn’t been growing your list or bringing in clients.

But don’t feel bad… because it’s not your fault. And if you’re like most of the clients who work with us in Magnify Your Content™, you’ve probably already been searching for a solution but just haven’t found the right one yet.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Imagine what it will be like when…

You're consistently filling your group coaching programs, courses, and 1:1 client slots

Because you are talking about the things your audience needs to hear, and they’re raising their hands to work with YOU…

You have more time to serve and focus on your clients

Because you’re plugged into our proven 5-Minute Content Method™ – you know what to post, it’s already written for you, and the graphics are ready to go!

You have plenty of free time to spend with your family or with those you care about most

And your business is growing because you’re showing up even more CONSISTENTLY in less time!

You’re showing up as the Magnified CEO that you know that you are in your online business

You’re more visible, with more engagement on your posts (no more crickets!), and this means more messages in your DMs, more subscribers on your email list, and more clients in your programs

What would that do to your business and your life?

Here’s just some of the results our Magnified CEOs are seeing:

You can do all of this and more with

Magnify Your Content™

Magnify Your Content™ is THE PLACE for coaches, course creators, and freelancers who are looking for a custom, outsourced marketing solution that builds your email list and brings in more clients without spending hours a day doing it yourself or thousands hiring an agency.

Bring in consistent sales from your content marketing!

Position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry so you attract more leads and sales

Show up consistently – while spending as little as 5 minutes a day on your content (“bye-bye overwhelm, hello time freedom”).

Grow your social media following, your email list, and your customer list, and stay top-of-mind with your audience

Basically exactly what you need to create content that grows your business and makes more sales – FASTER than ever!

Plug into a proven content system already created for you (that you can customize) so that you can consistently show up and attract more leads and sales…

Every Month You’ll Get…

30 Pre-written Customizable Caption Templates, Stories, and Prompts

So you can show up consistently while using our Five-Minute Content Method™ to grow your email list and get more clients.

Monthly Done-For-You Canva Graphics Pack With Carousels, Reels, Stories, And More…

So you can increase your reach and engagement on social media without spending hours creating a reel or carousel post.

Weekly Nurture Emails + Monthly Blog Post / Video / Podcast Outline

Because having an evergreen traffic source will build authority and help you to scale faster + consistently nurturing your email list IS the fastest way to get more clients from social media.

Twice Monthly Q&A Calls and Social Media Audits

Where you can get expert guidance. No content topic is off-limits, and every question will be answered before we wrap up the call. Can’t join us live? You can submit your questions ahead of time and watch the recording.

Plus you’ll get these bonuses:

Monthly What’s Working Now Training. Each month we’ll share exactly what’s trending on social media and we’ll update your monthly captions and graphics with what’s working now so that you can make sure your platforms are set up to convert.

Chat GPT Prompts. Discover how you can create content that converts even FASTER when you leverage the power of AI + the monthly Magnify Your Content™ Playbook. We’ll show you how we’re getting all of our content posted in less than 5 minutes a day with this powerful tool.

The Entire Launch Playbook You’ll get email templates and captions specifically for your launch so you can spend less time creating your launch content and more time enrolling new clients.

5-Minute Content Method™ Training to help you be able to post in as little as 5 mins a day

Access to The Magnified CEO™ Community. Imagine how much faster you’ll grow when you’re surrounded by hundreds of people who are doing the exact same thing as you and every win is shared.

The App. Take all of the next-level trainings with you wherever you are… when you download our app to your mobile device!

Your exclusive Member Rate locked in

Want to see how Magnify Your Content™ Works?

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes to show you the 5-Minute Content Method™ in action!

That’s more than $4,000+/month value!

Hiring a Copywriter to write these for you each month could cost thousands… and hiring a marketing director might set you back tens of thousands…

Magnify Your Content™ has the potential to save you thousands of dollars AND hundreds of hours — no panic button necessary, and we could add a price tag to match…

But because we’re committed to our mission of helping online coaches, course creators, freelancers, and digital product owners get their message to the world…

You won’t need to hire a copywriter or graphic designer or marketing director. And you won’t have to pay $4,000+ / month for this.

We thought we’d sweeten the deal!

Instead of $4,000 or even $497/month, today you can get everything in the Magnify Your Content™ Club for as little as $49/month (cancel any time)

So let’s recap…

When you join Magnify Your Content™ today, you get instant access to….

30 Pre-written Customizable Caption Templates, Stories, and Prompts (value $497)
Monthly Done-For-You Canva Graphics Pack With Carousels, Reels. Stories, and More (value $497)
Weekly Nurture Emails + Monthly Blog Post / Video / Podcast Outline (value $497)
Twice Monthly Q&A Calls and Social Media Audits (value $997)
BONUS: Monthly What’s Working Now Training (value $497)
BONUS: Chat GPT Guide (value $497)
BONUS: The Entire Launch Playbook (value $497)
BONUS: 5-Minute Content Method™ Training (value $497)
BONUS: The Magnified CEO™ Community (Priceless)
BONUS: The App (Priceless)
BONUS: Your exclusive Member Rate locked in (Priceless)
TWO FREE MONTHS Each Year ($108 Savings)
12 FREE Extra Bonus “What’s Working Now” Workshops
Magnify Swag Bag


(most popular)


(biggest savings)

(Lock in this rate now… because the investment will be increasing soon!)

And in case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in yourself… here’s our zero-risk commitment to you…

Cancel Any-Time Guarantee

Have you ever been a part of one of those memberships that seems impossible to cancel? You search for the button, email the team, and can’t seem to get a response?

That’s not us!

This is a cancel-anytime with the click-of-a-button. You can cancel at any time from inside your membership dashboard or you can email our team at any time to cancel, no questions asked (but of course, we hope you won’t)!

If you are struggling to come up with what to post for your online business on social media, look no further! These ladies are the best when it comes to giving you a monthly content plan. Their ideas are fresh, relevant, and their trainings are top notch! I cannot recommend them enough!

- Stephanie

Before, my content was inconsistent and lacked dimension to help me connect with my ideal clients. I was overwhelmed with what to create content around in an ongoing manner for my business. Having my content mapped out for me helps me to consistently create content in less time and put out content that I was proud of instead of spending hours trying to come up with the next week’s content and feeling overwhelmed.

- Jena

You might be in business FOR yourself, BUT you don’t have to do this BY yourself!

Who Are Kristen & Rachel?

Hi, We’re Kristen & Rachel and we’re known as the go-to marketing experts who help online business owners like you build their email list and get more clients with our simple content system that anyone can use in a little as 5 minutes a day.

With a combined 17+ years in online marketing, we started out just like most of our clients – with a small social media following and a big vision to help others. And if you’ve been in business for any length of time, chances are you can relate.

Now, we help online coaches, course creators, and freelancers create social media and marketing content that grows your email list and brings in more customers – and the best part is you can do it in as little as 5 minutes a day!

Through our journey, we’ve learned a lot about how to market yourself online — without feeling salesy or spammy in the process. Now, our goal is to help you take our systems to market your own business and you’ll get the same proven path we used to make a full time income working part time hours!

But, don’t just take our word for it…

Whether you are a new business owner or have been in business for years, this can help up your social content game. It takes the stress out of the daily question – what should I post, and the even more stressful – what photo should I post with it. Made for any type of business, my favorite part is the prewritten captions and the Canva templates. The community of female entrepreneurs are quick to answer each other’s questions and encourage and support each other along the way.

- Glenneth R.

This has boosted my social media presence so much! Not only do I have a ton of ideas at my fingertips (with the words and images to go along with it), being a member gives opportunities for personalized feedback, specific trainings, and great community of other like-minded business owners! This helps me show up how I want to on social media without the added stress and time commitment, which is a must with another full-time job.

- Julia

Still have questions? We have answers…

So, wait… it’s less than $2 per day?!

Yup! As people who have invested in PLENTY of courses in the past, we wanted to offer something that was so irresistibly priced so we could help as many business owners as possible. We KNOW how hard it is to create content and to feel stuck with nothing of value to post about. That’s why we want to make it EASY for YOU! We want to help you grow your business on social media that isn’t going to cost you an arm + and leg to do. So, we keep the price low so that this is worth EVERY penny for you!

I already bought another content course. How is this different?

It might surprise you that WE’RE members of several of those things too… But, what we found is that there are a few key things missing that we needed to find elsewhere… and couldn’t! Or, their membership was overwhelming and we couldn’t find our stride with it. Magnify Your Content Monthly Marketing Membership is just that… it’s EASY. It’s easy to use, easy to follow, and will make YOUR content EASY for you. Plus, we don’t just include captions and static posts. We help you work through a comprehensive solution that gets you visible on multiple platforms.

I’m __________ business owner. Will this work for me?
Our content is specifically curated for online business owners including: coaches, course creators, service-based businesses, freelancers, authors, and speakers. If you have a group coaching program, 1:1 service, or digital product, we can help! And the best part? Just because you might have similar prompts as someone else in your business field, your content will look COMPLETELY different from theirs, so you can still stand out in the noise that is social media! (Remember there’s more than a BILLION people on social media, so even if a hundred others are using similar prompts, you’ll still be able to STAND OUT!) If you don’t see your business listed above, email us with the details and we’ll let you know if this is the best fit.
When do I get access to the content?

You’ll get almost IMMEDIATE access to the member’s portal! Once your purchase is confirmed, you should receive an email with how to access the plan!

What does the Proven Monthly Content Conversion System Playbook look like? How do I use it?

Because our content is proprietary, you’ll have to join the membership to see the full playbook for yourself… but here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

  • Your monthly SEO-rich post
  • Your weekly newsletters / emails to your list
  • Your daily social media posts (including captions, reels ideas, stories, and graphics)
  • And more!
Do I have to have another login to access everything? Or can I just download it to my phone?

You’ll have an app + a member’s only portal where you can download all your monthly content + bonuses! Which means you can access it when you’re sitting in the carpool line, waiting to pick up the kids from school!

What if I have a social media manager who does this for me?

First of all, we’re SO excited that you’re investing in this way in your business. This playbook is the same playbook our Director of Marketing uses, which means it will make it super easy for your VA to take all your business information and customize the plan to work for YOU! We’ve actually taken the Magnify Your Content Monthly Marketing Membership and implemented it for several of our 1:1 clients!

What if I need help accessing or using the membership?
If you ever have any questions or issues, you can reach out to us at any time via email: hello(at)magnifyyourcontent.com
What do I do if I need to cancel my membership?

We totally get that things come up or you’re just not using it like you expected to. We would be happy to cancel your membership at any time! But, we’re pretty confident that once you’re in and see how EASY it is to have the content at your fingertips, you’re going to LOVE having this each and every month!

If you’re a go-getter and want to grow your business on social media, we KNOW this is the place for you!

And seriously, at the low monthly investment to try this out, well that’s less than a month’s worth of Starbucks – and Starbucks ain’t gonna grow your business for ya, sister!

So, what exactly is a "Social Media Caption Template"?

Because we want you to know EXACTLY what you’re getting, here are a few plug-and-play caption examples for you. Go ahead + try them out for yourself!


I love starting my day with an affirmation – something this is going to “anchor” my thoughts for the day. Lately, the affirmation that’s been on repeat has been, “__________” [everything is always working out for me // I can do all things through Christ // there are people coming to me who need what I have to offer]. When days get hard – and they undoubtedly will – I always come back to this thought to remind me to keep moving forward. Do you have a daily affirmation you repeat to yourself?


Nothing makes me happier than when __________ [my clients share their wins after only working together for a week or 2 // my new customers are RAVING about the changes they’re seeing in their skin after using the products for only a week // I see the lightbulbs start to go off for my coaching clients]. Testimonials like this one always remind me why I got into this business. I love supporting these women so much!


It’s Monday all over again… back to the grind and back to getting stuff knocked off the to-do list. Three things I’m tackling today are __________, __________, __________ [planning out my content for the next month // checking on the conversions of my latest ad campaign for one of my clients // checking in with my team and chatting about how we’re finishing the month]. It might be a Monday again, but I’m glad that my days involve doing these things! It reminds me of my purpose and keeps me going everyday. What are you tackling on this Monday?

I’ve got a question I don’t see answered here – who do I ask?

Our team is standing by to support you in making the best decision for your business. Email us at hello(at)magnifyyourcontent.com with any additional questions, and we’ll do our best to respond ASAP!

So let’s recap…

When you join Magnify Your Content™ today, you get instant access to….

30 Pre-written Customizable Caption Templates, Stories, and Prompts (value $497)

Monthly Done-For-You Canva Graphics Pack With Carousels, Reels, Stories, And More (value $497)

Weekly Nurture Emails + Monthly Blog Post / Video / Podcast Outline (value $497)

Twice Monthly Q&A Calls and Social Media Audits (value $997)

BONUS: Monthly What’s Working Now Training (value $497)

BONUS: Chat GPT Guide (value $497)
BONUS: The Entire Launch Playbook (value $497)
BONUS: 5-Minute Content Method™ Training (value $497)
BONUS: The Magnified CEO™ Community (Priceless)
BONUS: The App (Priceless)
BONUS: Your exclusive Member Rate locked in (Priceless)
You don’t need to keep staring at a blank page for hours or scrolling reels thinking that you’re getting ideas. Let us help you save hours every single week so that you can create consistent content and start attracting the leads and sales that you started your business for.

(Lock in this rate now… because the investment will be increasing soon!)

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