Building Your Brand on Social Media:

A Beginner’s Guide to Strategic Content Marketing


As you may or may not know, we are only a few months into growing Magnify Your Content. And when we were first discussing what we wanted to do for our OWN content, we went back and forth about a lot of things.

Should we have a website dedicated to just Magnify?
Do we want a blog or a podcast?
Which email provider do we want to use?

But, the thing that got us caught up the most was deciding whether or not we wanted to have a social media presence.

You see, we both have our own businesses to run that we are already creating content for. So another social media account was just “one more thing.”

But, as content marketing experts, we felt that we needed to be a product of the product.

And thus, @magnifyyourcontent was born!

We’ve said this before but it needs to be said again – we are NOT social media GROWTH experts. Yes, we do things that help us build our social media following, but our goal is to market our business and bring in new leads and sales – not have the biggest following.

But, we know that you might be starting a new business and are strategizing what to do to get started on social media as a beginner. So, we are going to share OUR strategy with you, and some things that we think any beginner should do if they’re just getting started on social media.

Do your research on hashtags and keywords.

I mean, you could take the easy way out on this and just throw up a handful of hashtags and hope the stick, but that would be more to your detriment than your benefit.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time doing this, but spend some time looking at what hashtags other people in your niche are using, what hashtags your ideal client is following or using, and which hashtags are highly used versus not as popular.

The goal is to use 30 hashtags that will help you get visible and in front of the RIGHT people who you want to work with, so it’s important to take some time doing your research before you start posting.

Add in “pinned posts” first.

When you’re starting from zero, there’s a good chance NO ONE knows who you are or what you do. On Instagram, you have those first 3 squares to help make that abundantly clear to your potential and new followers.

We just did a training on this a few months ago for our Magnify Your Content members, but best practices for those pinned posts would be:

  1. Sharing who you are, what you do, and who you serve
  2. Your signature offer and the transformation it provides
  3. A way for people to get on your email list (because you actually OWN that)
  4. Use hashtags in the caption

Think of your pinned posts as your business card, so make sure you include the things that you know the people who find you NEED to know about you!

Focus on Reels.

I know, I know… that’s NOT what you want to do. But, right now, creating Reels isn’t about dancing or lip syncing (thank goodness), making the process 10x easier than it used to be. Just slap up some b-roll and point people to the caption.

But, why Reels?

Because Reels is the FASTEST way to get visible. Reels help to drive traffic to your account and build awareness around your brand. We are typically getting 2-3x more views on our Reels than we have followers, and sometimes a Reel can bring 10x the eyes to our content.

So, you’ll see the majority of our content is focused on Reels as a way to build our brand and credibility.

Focus on value 100% of the time.

While yes, we want sales, our social media content is focused on value 100% at the moment. We are doing little selling on social media because we need to grow the know/like/trust factor first.

So, how are we actually making sales?

Getting people onto our email list and selling to them there!

Our goal is to spend the first 90 days strictly focusing on educational, encouraging, and entertaining content, and then we will start doing a bit more promoting.

But, here’s the thing… like we teach our Magnify Your Content members, we are still “selling” without actually promoting anything. If you go to any post on our feed, you probably know exactly what our membership is – without seeing a post saying the doors are open or to act fast.

In fact, we had a successful Black Friday sale without a single social media post talking about what we were promoting.

Even if you’re not just starting out, but you feel like you need a bit of a “refresh,” we highly recommend implementing these things over the next 30-, 60-, 90-days to help build awareness around your brand and get more eyes on your content and how you can help YOUR ideal client.

We’d LOVE to connect with you and follow you on social media! Come give us a follow and DM us so we can get to know you better!

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