3 Steps to Writing a Caption

that Converts Your Social Media Followers to Leads and Sales


The two of us would both consider ourselves “elder millennials.”

We remember when the internet didn’t exist.
Our first phones were not “smart” or small or sleek.
And when social media came into existence, we had to use a .edu email address to sign up on our giant computers.

And just like technology has changed in the past 40+ years, social media has changed from its beginning stages too.

It always gives me a good giggle when I go through my Timehop and come across some of my first-ever posts on social media.

A picture of my newborn baby with a two-word caption and like 2 hashtags.

And unless you’ve been living under a rock or just have never used social media for your business (but, because you’re reading this, we know that’s probably not the case), you know that a caption like that just isn’t going to produce results for your business.

(Unless your Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, of course…)

So, what exactly does a caption need to include to produce results?

Here’s how to create a caption that will bring in leads + sales to your business:

Invitation // Captivate

We know that YOU are the expert in your niche, but before you can prove that to anyone, you have to INVITE them to stop and actually read your caption!

This could also be called your “hook,” and without it, your content is going to be lost in the noise of social media.

A good hook gets your followers’ attention and invites them to read more about what you are sharing or teaching.

So, what does a good hook look like? Here are some examples (feel free to steal these):

Here’s exactly how you’re going to __________ {e.g. Here’s exactly how you’re going to get your first client}
These are my top tips for __________ {e.g. These are my top tips for starting a digital product business}
If you want to __________ here’s a simple hack that will take you 5 minutes a day or less to do {e.g. If you want to sell more digital products, here’s a simple hack that will take you 5 minutes a day or less to do it}
Watch me __________ {e.g. Watch me design my website}
Best advice for __________ {e.g. Best advice for launching an online course}

Affirmation // Educate

After a compelling invitation, it’s your time to shine, friend!

This is when you show off your expertise and how YOU are the person to help your ideal client achieve their transformation.

You can do a “how to” with steps or bullet points (like this post). You can tell a story that your ideal client would relate to. You can bust some myths or shift beliefs to prime your ideal client to buy from you now or in the future.

And while short-form content used to be the way of the (Instagram) world a year or 2 ago, we’re seeing longer-form content reigning in 2024. But, before you have that long caption, you’ve GOT to hook them in first!

Transformation // Activate

I know, I know… you feel like that middle part is the most important thing, but in all honesty, you’ve got to hook them in and get them to take ACTION in order for the sale to happen!

Now, this does NOT have to be a hard pitch. This can simply be asking your followers to like, comment, share, or save your post. That way they’ll be more likely to see your posts in the future. You can also ask them to follow you if they like your content.

And if you’re in a promo period, you absolutely go for the sale! Tell them how YOUR offer is what will lead to their transformation and how they can work with you! Or, if you don’t have an offer (yet) or aren’t in a promo period, give them the next best thing which is downloading your lead magnet and getting on your email list!

PS – this also does NOT have to be at the end of your post! We are seeing more and more creators and businesses put this right after the hook and then again at the end of their post!

That’s it! Just 3 things to include in each and every post, carousel, or reel you post on social that will help bring in more leads + sales to your business! We write every single one of our caption templates for our Magnify Your Content Members using this exact formula – and we use it for every single post you see from us on social media.

Try it for yourself and start seeing an increase in your leads and sales like our Magnify members do!

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