8 Tools That Make

Content Creation a Breeze


We totally understand that creating content can be overwhelming for most entrepreneurs. Not only do you have to come up with a content idea in the first place, but then you have to write captions, record videos, create images, etc. And let’s be honest… that’s all extremely time-consuming.

But, the good news is there are always more + more tools that are being created that can help you save time, stay organized, and be consistent with your content.

Here are some of our favorite tools that will help you create amazing content in no time flat – from schedule programs to hashtag curators to image editors. We are sure you’ll find something that will work best for your business needs!


We’ve talked extensively about Trello, and no, we’re not even affiliates for them! We just LOVE Trello that much!

We use Trello to help us plan out ALL our content for the week, month, quarter, and even the entire year! We have one shared board between us that we also share with our VAs. We add our ideas, our captions, and even our images in there.

We also have a list of blog posts that contain cards for each blog with checklists to make it easier for us to communicate with our VAs who schedule all of this for us.

If you want to dive deeper into how we create a content plan with Trello, you can check out this post here.

Meta Business Suite

Co-owning a business is fun and can take the burden off things (hello only having to worry about 50% of the work), but it’s not always easy to remember who is posting what and when.

We’ve used Later in the past, which was absolutely great for scheduling our content (we actually really loved a lot of the features), but lately, we’ve been relying more on Meta Business Suite for one simple reason:

It directly schedules to Instagram.

Some other social media schedulers used to have this feature but now that this is offered in the Business Suite, we’ve found it’s the only way to schedule to post directly without having to worry about a push notification on our phones.

We still post our Reels on the fly, but knowing that all our content will be pushed directly to Instagram and Facebook makes content creation SO much easier!

We use our Trello content board to plan our content, add due dates to each post, and then our VAs take care of scheduling everything in Meta Business Suite! BOOM! Content creation made easy for sure!

Flick Hashtags

I recently learned about Flick from our friend Glenneth and I think I’m obsessed! Yes, it does a lot of things that other scheduling tools do (schedule to post, find + curate hashtags, lay out your feed), but I have found this one SO much easier to use!

Plus, I love that it allows you to look at the insights and what hashtags are performing well for you. I have found that the insights + analytics are SO much better than the ones Instagram provides.

Flick is definitely one you’ll want to check out in 2023!


Honestly, if you’re not using Canva for creating graphics, you might be living under a rock! We have the pro version on Canva, which allows us to save our brand board for easy access to our colors and fonts. Any graphic or carousel we post on Instagram or Facebook is done using Canva. And it’s easy to create templates to just switch things out in the future for even EASIER content graphic creation!


Most of us are creating video content now via Reels. We do most of our creating and editing of Reels inside Instagram, but sometimes there are posts that need a bit more editing + fine tuning.

For video content editing, InShot is our go-to! You can split clips, add transitions, do voiceovers, etc. We especially love InShot when it comes to collaboration Reels, like this one we did with our friend + Magnify Your Content™ co-founder Rachel McMichael.

Google Keep

We were recently asked where we write all of our content. Anything we plan to schedule, we write directly in a card in Trello. But, when we are posting on the fly, we always write FIRST in a notes app.

Our preferred notes app is Google Keep. We’ve had issues in the past of things not backing up to “the cloud,” but we NEVER have to worry about that with Google Keep. We can write our caption on our computer, pull the app up on our phone, copy + paste into Instagram. It’s that simple!


While we LOVE Canva, we also LOVE having access to additional images + templates via our PixiStock membership! PixiStock is an all-in-one place for all things content! Each month, you get new stock images to choose from, and she’s recently been adding carousel templates, Reels covers, and more! If you struggle with finding great stock images for your content, check out PixiStock!

365 Content Plan

Last, but certainly not least, one thing that makes creating content even easier is by having a PLAN! We love our 365 Content Plan! You get monthly content calendars with daily prompts, specific for business owners. And if you struggle with writing captions or talking about your business, you also get 150 fill-in-the-blank Mad Libs style captions to use!

We know creating content isn’t always easy, but it can be SIMPLE!

We’d LOVE to connect with you and follow you on social media! Come give us a follow and DM us so we can get to know you better!

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