Instagram Hacks

to Speed Up Content Creation


Be honest with us… how long is it *actually* taking you to create content on Instagram?

For many of our Magnify members before they start working with us, it’s taking upwards of 40 minutes just to write a caption. And as a busy entrepreneur who wants to be spending your time serving your clients, that’s 40 minutes of your day that you simply don’t have.

Because we get it… we both are passionate about having a freedom-based business in which we aren’t tethered to our phones at all hours of the day.

But, as you know, social media is the easiest way to market your business on the internet today. And the only way to do that successfully is by showing up consistently.

If you’re posting 5 to 6 days per week and it’s taking you 40+ minutes each time to post, well, that’s 4 hours each week creating content that would be better spent helping your clients or at the park wit your kids.

We know that our 5-Minute Content Method™ is the BEST way to create content quickly, we wanted to give you some of our FAVORITE Instagram hacks that help us save HOURS each week creating content!

1. Schedule Your Content Directly in Instagram

This was a complete game changer once I discovered you could schedule posts, carousels, and even reels directly inside the Instagram app!

We’ve used Later and Planoly in the past, but as you probably know, they only give you notifications of when you’re scheduled to post your content instead of just posting it for you. And if you’re driving or being present with your family, it makes it hard to actually get you content posted!

Thank goodness Instagram has made it possible to create and schedule all of your content! Here’s how to do it:

>> Before you click post, scroll down to “Advanced Settings”
>> Click to toggle ON to schedule your post or reel
>> Choose your date + time you want it to post
>> Click the back arrow in the top left corner
>> Hit Schedule!

2. Easily Create High-Quality Videos People Want to Watch

This might not seem important, but not only is it going to save you time when it comes to editing, it’s going to help increase your reel views.

Here’s how to make sure your videos are always the highest quality:

>> Use your back camera
>> Film in front of a window, but NOT in direct sunlight
>> Change your Instagram settings to High Quality in the “Your app and media” section
>> Set your camera settings (on an iPhone) to film in 4K

3. Create and Batch B-Roll Videos

B-roll reels are ALL the rage right now, which is GREAT if you don’t love showing your face a ton on camera.

All you need is a tripod, but even if you don’t have that, just set your phone up and hit record!

Here are some ideas that work for ANY niche:

>> going on a walk
>> videos of scenery
>> reading a book
>> writing in a planner or journal
>> doing your hair or makeup
>> anything you would normally do throughout your day

4. Keep Your Hashtags in a Note on Your Phone

This takes a bit of work upfront but will save you HOURS of time later!

Once you have several hashtags for the types of posts you tend to create (your content pillars), it’s easy to grab the ones you need by saving them in a note on your phone.

Here’s how we choose our hashtags:

>> We research hashtags based on our content pillars (i.e. Instagram tips, digital marketing, social media marketing, entrepreneurs, etc.).
>> We choose hashtags that offer a variety of popularity — from not very popular (less than 50,000 uses) to very popular (over 500,000 uses).
>> Add the hashtags a note on your phone to make for EASY access after writing your caption.
>> Copy + paste up to 30 hashtags in each of your posts (either directly in the post or the first comments).

These are just a few of the things that save us time every single day when we are creating content! You can do most of these in just a few minutes so that you have more time to spend with your clients and family!

We’d LOVE to connect with you and follow you on social media! Come give us a follow and DM us so we can get to know you better!

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